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  • Proofread/Edit Your Manuscript

  • Get Stunning Interior Designs

  • Transcribe Your Sermons into Powerful Books

  • Develop Your Program Themes into Powerful Books

  • Research Writing and Book Reviews

  • Get Super Cover Designs

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Think your work to greater heights
And work your thoughts with great effort
Men will always give you some credit for genius
But, it is the effort which you make
That they are pleased to call the fruit of genius
In actual sense, it is the fruit of labour and thought


Always hope for a better tomorrow, no matter your circumstance
For there is no medicine like hope
No incentive so great
And no tonic so powerful
As expectation of something better tomorrow


Kings View Publishing House is an award-winning Educational and Christian Publishing House in Nigeria, West Africa. Kings View has been in excellent and distinctive book publishing, including TRANSCRIPTION PUBLISHING, for close to a decade running.

Kings View Publishing House has been of service to indigenous and international authors, as well as governmental organizations and agencies. With professional Transcription Administrators, Copy Editors, Production Editors, Art Managers and a state-of-the-art Printing Press, all books published by Kings View meet international market criteria and standards.

Kings View has re-defined publishing by providing the highest quality of service the world over at the most affordable rates. Now authors who cannot afford the high costs of publishing by independent publishers can conveniently publish and make their books available to their audience through Kings View.

Nowadays, with so much flexibility in technology, books do not have to live and die on the shelf. Published materials can be converted to audio books, e-books, video-books, etc. And the bookshops no longer have to be the only outlets for the distribution of books. More books have to be distributed via social media, electronic sales outlets on the internet etc. In this way, more people are reached with the message or content of each book than ever before.

A few of our newest books are showcased below.